Drum and Bass


Here is one half of the first match up in the Champion Sounds knockout tournament. Total Science & DJ Die.

1. Impact - Everything I Left Behind (SUBTLED013)
2. Senses - All Over (SUBTLE002)
3. CJ Weaver & Indidjinous - Serpentine (SUBTLE004CD)
4. Dissident - Oneiroid Pychosis (SUBTLE010)
5. Macc - Panic Kills (SUBTLED004)
6. Mecca - Virtual Affair (SUBTLE004EP)
7. Nebula - Prototype Chords (SUBTLED008)
8. Amplicon - Let Go Of The Release (SUBTLE001CD)
9. Alpha Omega - Tribalist (SUBTLE001)
10. Equinox - Roy Ting (SUBTLE006)
11. Soul Delay - Ustad (SUBTLE002EP)
12. LXC - I Know U (BUSTLE002)
13. Equinox - Meecha (SUBTLE015)
14. Enjoy - Point III (SUBTLED018)
15. dgoHn - 4.37445 Yards (SUBTLE017)
16. Sileni - Failspan (SUBTLE004)
17. Dan Habarnam - Janne (SUBTLE004EP)
18. Enjoy - The Crook (SUBTLE004CD)
19. dgoHn - Man Bith (SUBTLE008)
20. Dissident - Universe Eat Universe (SUBTLE010)
21. Nebula - Sound Barriers (BUSTLE001)
22. Breakage - Questions VIP (SUBTLED002)
23. Macc & dgoHn - Mustard Greens (SUBTLE003EP)
24. Infest & Quasi - Azul (SUBTLE019)
25. Polska - 2nd Rate (SUBTLE014 // SUBTLE003CD)
26. NCQL - Framed Dreams Of Loki (SUBTLE016)
27. Nic TVG - Sitting In The Crosswalk (SUBTLE005CD)
28. Jason oS - What Do You Like? (SUBTLE002EP)

Easy all… My second radio show, this time for Only Old Skool Radio.

Easter Bank Holiday Sunday and 2 Hours of connoisseur jungle riddims!

I only scratched the surface of the tunes I dug out for the show so plenty more ammo for upcoming broadcasts.

All live, no edits and downloadable for you in 320 MP3.



Trace - Definition Of Living (amen remake)
Leviticus - Burial VIP - Philly Blunt Dubplate
Dillinja - Fistfull Of Jungle - Lionheart
The Truper - Vol 2 - Streetbeats
More Rockers - You’re Gonna (Roni Size & Krust Remix) - More Rockers
Odd Man Out - Musical Dis - Splash Recordings
Wardance - Jammin - Formation
Studio Pressure - Presha III (Ray Keith Dubpate mix)
Capleton - Watch All The People (Tour) - Jet Star Records
Invisible Man - Space (Dark Remix) - Dubplate
L Double - Untitled (Little Rollers Vol 1) - Flex Records
Ninjaman - Jungle Move (Remarc Remix) - Street Tuff Records
Tango & Fallout - Violator Vol. 1 - Not On Label
Dillinja & Ruffcut - Heavyweight Vol 1 - Heavyweight
Ragu & Stalker - Love Comes ‘N’ Go’s - Vinyl Addiction
On Remand - Blacksteel (Part 2) - Crack House Productions
Underworld - The Rising - Target Records
Brothers With Soul - Music Is So Special (Tactial Aspect Remix)
Studio Pressure - Relics - Certificate 18
Substance - Rude Girls - Ruffneck Ting Records
Subnation - Scotties Sub - Mercyless Records
Photek - One Nation - Prototype
S.O.S - Space Funk - Timeless Recordings
The Basic Influence - Still Waters (Run Deep Mix) - Hardleaders
Loxy & Technician - Roll Call - White House
Ricky - Remarc(VIP Dubplate)
DJ Crystl - Give It Up - Lucky Spin W/L
DJ Lewi - You Better Run - Jet Star Records
Da Maytrix - Come Een - Kute Kuts
The Invisible Man - Church Bell Tune - Unreleased Dub
Dr S Gachet - Remember The Roller - Audiomaze
Chuck E - Smokin A Blunt - White House
General Degree - Papa Lover Jungle (Stretch’s Dark Mix) Street Tuff Records
Berty B & Dillija - Lionheart VIP
Da Intalex - I like It (Remix) - Intalex
Tango & Fallout - Revelations (Unreleased Version)

The original Jungle Soundclash Champion, DJ Kenny Ken, dropped in on the Fizzy massive down at Brixton Jamm to play his first ever liquid set on the 12th of April 2014. Even though there were a couple of problems with the monitors cutting out, Kenny showed consummate professionalism and gave us one of the most Bubblin’ sets we’ve ever had at a Fizzy night….. It would have been just wrong not to get this online and share it with the Fizzy ravers, so here it is, in its entirety for FREE download!! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did :)

Hailing from Leicester, Jamie Cope has made a swirling impact on the realm of drum and bass since he got bitten by the bug back in his early teens. Establishing his Smokin’ Riddims label as an outlet in 2007 he’s since released his own productions on labels like Innerground, Propaganda and Blueprint as well as on Ganja Records - which is when Cope first began working with the iconic DJ Hype with his Driller Killer and Origins of a Rudeboy EPs catching Hype’s ear. Last year Jaydan further cemented the relationship, releasing the Journeys EP on Playaz and he’s emphatically underlining that partnership ahead of his next appearance here, at the Playaz Easter Special this Friday, with this half hour blast of drum & bass put together in anticipation of the event.

Advance tickets: http://bit.ly/FABRICLIVE2504

No tracklist given

Mistanoize smacked it on this one. Stepped up and did this history mix for True Playaz - 1996 - 2004 Business

An interview with DJ Hype will be added to the mix over the weekend
Couldn’t hold out, so had to drop it for you all early ;)

Peace love and unity — DJ Hype
Reach Out — DJ Zinc
Play The Game — Freestyles
Break The Loop — Dope Skillz
Soul — DJ Swift
Feel — Freestyles
Reach Out (Remix) DJ Zinc
Vortex — Pascal
Tighten Up — Dope Skillz
Jump — DJ Hype
Dragons Fist — Hopa and Bones
Take Control — (The Funk Mix) DJ Nut Nut
Only One Life To Give — Dj Hype
Pink Panther — Dope Skillz
Stand UP — Kappa
Stronger — Freestyles
Reality Of 98 (Shimon Remix) — Pascal
2nd Strike — Mampi Swift
Closer To God — DJ Hype
The Big 30h — DJ Hype
Disappear — DJ Hype & DJ Zinc
Time Is Running Out — DJ Zinc
Move On — The Ganja Kru
Politrix — The Ganja Kru
Attack (Remix) DJ Hype
Intended — DJ Hype
P Funk 2000 — Pascal
Chinese Whispers — Pascal
Paradise — DJ Red
Clap Hands — Pascal
Rah (Original)— Studio 4
Sound Clash — Universal Project
Once Again — DJ Hype
Zodiac — Total Science
Casino Royale — DJ Zinc
Dark Flower Remedy — Fellowship
Keep It Real — Pascal
Roll Play — Pascal
174 Trek — DJ Zinc
Pitcher — Dj Zinc
Disturbed — DJ Zinc
Midnight Run — Shimon
Echo Box — Brockie and Ed Solo
Ska (Original) — Zinc
Attitude Sickness — DJ Zinc
Slimeball — Cause 4 Concern
Baby Oil — Total Science
What You Need — Pascal
Hold You — Pascal
Hammerhead — Total Science
Quick Step — DJ Hype
Just Roll — DJ Zinc
Freenote — DJ Zinc
Slipstream — DJ Friction & Nu Balance
Johnny (BC Remix ) — Pascal
Alarmed — Dope Skillz
Robocop — DJ Friction & Nu Balance
Bogeyman VIP — DJ Friction And Nu Balance
Last Call — Hive